About us

Mor Perot Hasharon LTD is an agricultural company, engaged in the cultivation, packaging, packaging and marketing of fruits and vegetables in Israel and abroad. The company was established by the family in the 1980s, and since then for over four decades, and four generations of growers, it has been developing and increasing its activity in the field.

Mor Perot Hasharon LTD is the largest grower, packer and marketer of persimmons in Israel, and sold under the brand:

Give Me More Sharon Fruits!

We supply the leading companies in the Israeli consumer market, such as Shufersal, Carrefour, Rami Levy and more...

But not only perssimons - Mor also produces: Avocado, mango, lychee, nectarine, peaches and mini-peppers snacks


The Process

We are both the ones who grow and the ones who pack. This means that we have complete control over the entire process - from the moment the fruit is picked, through packaging, sorting, until the moment it reaches the shelf at the points of sale.
We believe this level of control is essential to ensure our fruit is of the highest quality.

Our excellent fruits are grown by our orchard managers. People of the land and education who love their work, and the results are evident in your bowl.

The breeding processes are carried out by breeding protocols in which decades of practical and academic knowledge have been invested. Our company operates in accordance with all required safety standards and international standards, including Global G.A.P and BRC.

Sensors scattered throughout the orchards and the most advanced irrigation systems in the world, allow our orchard managers to maintain orchards that, on the one hand, produce high-quality fruit, and on the other hand, contribute to the environment and sustainability.

In our plantations, care is taken to protect the environment, with an emphasis on friendly solutions and a reduced and controlled use of pesticides and spraying.

Our packaging house also relies on protocols based on decades of practical knowledge combined with academic knowledge. It is operated with the most advanced sorting, packaging and sorting technologies in the industry. We operate in the packaging processes control and quality systems and an optical sorting system that operates in accordance with all the strictest standards.

Our cold room systems are also monitored 24/7 and all this in order to bring you, the customers, the fresh produce at the highest level.

The Place

Mor Perot Hasharon LTD is located in the heart of an agricultural area in the center of Sharon.

We cultivate plantations spread across the country from north to south.

Our fruits are grown with care, packaged with precision and marketed with passion.
We believe that our fruits are the best in Israel, and we are sure you will agree.